We live in the southern areas of Adelaide with lovely gardens
and a menagerie of animals. Stuart and I both come from
rural South Australia so we have tried to put a little bit of
country into the city. Both boys attended an Agricultural /
horticultural school so over time with projects, and adoptions
we have built the empire up.
Our outdoor kitchen area complete
with pond and gold fish built from old
slate which is common to the area.
Fluffy is a very tame 14 year
old silky who rules the back
yard keeping the pigeons
All the yorkies having a ride. They love the garden and
lying in the sun. There is no better fun than finding stuff
and its even better when I am trying to keep up with the
weeds, you never know what treats and toys long
forgotten might be found.
The egg producers.
Minnie the cat is a rather large girl who was bought as a companion to
Ebbie, when all the other pups left for their new homes. They have
grown up together and Min lies in wait for a wash, groom or play with
Ebbie. Even when Lil and Flee returned to the fold Min remains in love
with them all.