DAM: Aust Ch Istada The Lady in Red
SIRE: Istada Ever So Clever

Molly and Barney

DOB 12-4-2014
3 boys in the wee small
hours of the morning.

One really tiny boy only 60
gms, but he grew  and
caught up to his brothers
who were 100 and 120 gms
Eyes open and the world to explore
the baby was first to see.
Ralph,          Benson,       Hugo
Has gone to live in
Melbourne with
Renee and Tim.
He has another
Yorkie friend Sonny
to play with.
He was the baby,
but grew up to be
very much like his
mum Molly
Wendy and Mike have
taken this very gentle
little man to live in
Goolwa in SA.
He was the explorer
and hunter and
gatherer of the group.
Very like Ebbie and
Having some playtime
with Molly
Loaded ready for the trip to Sydney
Ready for a
day trip to
Settled into his new home
The biggest of the boys has moved to
the Blue Mountains.
He lives with Jodie, Matt, Bridie and
Langdon, and has Grandparents to
love as well.
This young man is loved to bits and is
spoilt by everyone.
The blurred photo bits are his tail, it
never stops wagging
Visiting the Goolwa Dog show the star of the show