26-01-1988  -  18-12-1999
This is beautiful Missy our very first Yorkie.

From here our love affair with the breed began. Missy
was so loving and loyal, she came to a home with 2
small boys, cats, chooks, fish and other sundry animals
and took them all on unconditionally.
There was nothing better than a game of soccer and
loved to be with you all the time, especially the kitchen,
you never know what might drop on the floor, it wasn't
there long. Her breed line was Deebees and she went
on to have one litter of 6 beautiful pups, we kept one
called Vanessa (Neddy) who was just as fantastic as her
mum. Sadly when we were away she went looking for us
and was hit by a car.
Her devotion was total.