MOLLY lives with us and all the
others. She loves her mum but
is a hunter and gatherer
bringing all sorts of things
inside. Her show ring debut is
very soon.
MARLEY lives with Thomas and Alana
and our 2 grandchildren Isabella and
Oliver. He is a big soft loving boy but
full of mischief and rough and tumble
especially when he comes to doggy
daycare with Molly.
BENJI lives with
Catherine. He is very
smart and has started
obedience training.
What a stunning
young man he is
turning into.
FRANKIE lives with
Chloe, I think she is
the most spoilt of girls.
She goes to work and
College with Chloe.
This young lady also
has he own face page
with many admirers.
BENTLEY is very
much loved by
John and Mirta
especially John,
as he is his first
dog due to
allergies.  Bentley
has a very free
range bird to live
with could be
Katy and Mitchell have added OSKAR to their family.
They have MOJO from Lilly's first litter. These 2 boys
are brothers from different litters. Mojo is a film star on a
google add, and has many tricks well taught by Mitchell.
Oskar and Mojo
Oskar and Lilly
are now living together with
Erin and Jeremy.
who returned to Australia to
marry after many years
overseas. Emilio is in his
tuxedo for the wedding and
Cookie is helping to sew.
Double trouble
how could two
little puppies
shred their beds
so rapidly then
look so innocent
Just love the wide open spaces
and things that live in the gras
Best of mates
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All grown up
these two are a
bundle of fun
and energy.
They are very
much like their
Mum to look at.
Taken Sept