Garcia Sire of puppies
ARCHIE: Alias Armed and Dangerous.

Has gone to WA to live with Amanda
and Andrei and their 2 children. He is
the official Police dog first of all in SA
now WA. This man is stunning and is
frequently on face book as he travel
around with the family
Murphys Law

Has gone to live with
Jill and Jim in Adelaide
The smallest of the
crew but by all
standards can make a
mess. Yorkies love
paper to tear up and
then put the WHO ME
look on.
Nothing like a mother love
BARNEY: Alias Ever so Clever.

Is now living with Carlien and Kev in a
Lifestyle village in Adelaide. This
beautiful boy has bought much joy to
them in their retirement. When he goes
for a walk for 20 mins it takes several
hours as he gets treats and love from
all. He is learning to travel in Kev's
WILLY: Alias On the road again.

Has gone to live with Rob and Lilly on
the Southern Fleurieu of SA. He was
the quiet achiever of the group and
very quick to learn commands
Willy has grown into a character, he chases the
cows in the paddock and as usual thinks he is a
big dog, taking on the odd kangaroo. One blow
on Robs duck whistle and back home he comes.
Pictured below is before and after haircut shots,
with Mum Lilly
Barney has turned into a
stunning young man, his
colour has been selected
to enhance our breed.
He still loves the village
life visiting all and sundry.