04 -07 - 2006  07 - 05 - 2011
Felix is the most loving of all our dogs, he lives with Alana,
Thomas and Isabella. Tolerant, patient and giving makes
up his nature. From the time Isabella was born he has
made it his job to be the protector, bringer of toys and gifts
and licker of tears. Felix has reached trained dog in
obedience, which he enjoyed but it is much more fun to
play hard with any toy which presents itself   
Felix all  ready for the show
Anything for a piece of cake. Felix and
Ebbie celebrate their 1st birthday.
Felix has a new love of his life
Felix and Ebbie have always been great
friends. They loved going to shows and
would jump into the grooming box.
While Mum and Isabella are doing
the shopping Felix is the minder of all
things important, the car seat!!!!.
Constant companions.
Sire: Ch Lil's Mr Nice Guy (Imp SWD)
Dam: Buidhe Belle Becosofu
Isabella watching Dudley and
Douglas at the Adelaide Royal
Sadly our very special boy has left us,
we all miss him so much, his beautiful
nature, his forgiving soul, his constant
companionship and his utter devotion
especially for Isabella her baa baa. We
will meet again little man Flee, in
another life.