Dam: Buidhe Belle Lilly Pilly

Sire: Gd Ch Jolen Fatal Attraction

Litter born 28 - 10 - 2011
10 minutes old
Girl 165 gms
Boy 170 gms
Boy 200 gms
Boy 150 gms
10 days

All progressing well, weights
have doubled.  
L - R Boy, Boy, Boy, Girl
Babies are 4 weeks old running
around, playing and eating well
What a handful of fur
Marley alias Boofer, has fallen in love
with Isabella, all yorkies love a bed.
Lil's beautiful girl
Big and Gorgeous Marley
Quiet and loving boy
The baby of the group
Merry Christmas love the turkey

Dam: Buidhe Belle Lilly Pilly

Sire: Willjon Our Boy Garcia
4 Stunning Boys. These are to be
Lilly's  last litter. We will move onto
the new generation of our